I design and handle this Merch line.

When you order items from here you are supporting the art I make. The same goes for when you stream a song by me, or see a show etc. Whichever avenue you take to support, it means a lot! 

 Most of the designs have some relevance to what I do. Whether thats the Spinner Tee - which features an illustration I made representing my love of DJ'ing and toting champagne. Or "wecouldbemore" expressing my belief that we can all be better people. Or the MORNIN prints showcasing my love of bootlegging in the form of hand carved lino block prints.

It really means a lot to me when you purchase these items. They're handmade and delivered by myself when I am not touring, and by family when I'm not able to! Its something I do for fun & I hope you enjoy the products!

Thanks for the support. 

Darren / Star Slinger